Is Simple Better?

ball-430974_1920The hype surrounding Psyonix hit game Rocket League never seemed to die down, did it? After what felt like months and months of hearing about it I decided to jump straight in and grab it. It proved to be such a worthy investment. The basic idea of small cars, in a gladiatorial setting, battling it out, to stuff a giant ball into a goal could never have been so captivating! I lost hours on my first session just pulling off stunts, flicks and tricks and becoming the competitive demon that lives within us all. However, this got me thinking how many simple ideas are there out there which are just brilliant and better.

sega-146229_1280SEGA! The all familiar start up noise for the megadrive warms my heart.  It was my first console that my Dad let me have, and I still have it working today. Although, at the time the idea of a cartridge game such as the megadrive’s wouldn’t have been seen as something “simple” I want to look at it on its value today.  Still, to this very day, I have no love lost for the megadrive’s old hit titles such as Sonic, Goldenaxe and Echo the Dolphin, just to name a few. The basic layout and platform settings for these games as well as the straightforward gameplay never cease to bring me enjoyment, as i’m sure Nintendo fans will agree when it comes to titles such as Mario, Kirby and Zelda, these games are timeless despite their straightforward nature.

Another simple yet successful game I want to include in this post is Minecraft. Minecraft by all means took a simple idea and turned it into a video game. It gave youminecraft-1275065_1920 the challenge of gathering and crafting resources to help create and build infinite possibilities in an open world inhabited by animals and strange creatures, Other added modes such as survival mode helped to expand the Minecraft game world and open up so many more doors in an already incredible game! Minecrafts success speaks for itself with over 100 million copies sold worldwide! It is adored by adults and children alike.

Personally I would never want to take away from in depth games, the likes of Skyrim, Fallout and Dark Souls bring hours of playing time and endless excitement, but there is something about smaller and simpler games which unlock our inner child, despite its repetitiveness, they manage to capture our imaginations in a way that is unrivalled, and with this I feel like I can confidently say that sometimes it is the case that simple is better.



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